Why is Wearing Gold Associated with Attracting Good Luck?

Since the early periods, gold has always captured human interest for its sparkling quality and magical qualities. Whether used as currency or used as jewellery, gold has played a potential role in the course of human history. But have we ever stopped to wonder why we wear gold? You can talk to astrologers to know more.

Astrological benefits of wearing gold

More than a sparkling piece of jewellery, gold, according to vedic astrologers, is a powerhouse of knowledge, power, and wealth. The following are the benefits of wearing gold according to astrologers online.

  • Gold is well known for its astrological powers in changing your life positively. People across different castes, religions, and cultures in India wear gold to attract good luck and fortune. In everyday life, gold is believed to bring good luck, love, peace, and prosperity. Sometimes, gold is recommended to wear with gemstones for better results.
  • The primary benefit of gold jewellery includes attracting positive sources of energy. It is also believed that gold can prevent evil forces and black magic. Gold ensures the insertion of divine energy in your inner self, promotes spiritual healing, and protects you from negative energy. 
  • For many years, the purpose of wearing gold has been accompanied by the form of an ornament. It is largely associated with money and attracts social status. But did you know that spiritual powers are also associated with gold? Vedic astrology believes that gold brings happiness, peace, and stability to its wearer.
  • Not only in India, but the potential power of gold is long established also in other countries like China, Persia, and more. According to popular beliefs, gold opens the crown chakra and brings priority to the person who wears it. The protective properties of gold are believed to remove evil effects from your body.
  • Since the primitive times of the Indian civilisation, gold has symbolised wealth and luck and strengthened your inner confidence levels.
  • Gold is also believed by each vedic astrologer in India to attract divine consciousness. Astrologers suggest wearing a gold ring on your ring finger to attract divine energy. It has celestial energy that the astrologers consider gets activated and emitted from it. Thus, it aids you from obstacles in life.
  • Women can wear a gold ring on their left hand to attract divine blessings. It is suggested that men must wear it on their right hand to get its positive effects.
  • Gold is believed to enhance luck and prosperity if you wear it appropriately.

 Rules to wear gold in attracting good luck

Gold is believed by the best astrologer to have the power to increase positive energy and heat. However, let’s discuss the various rules for wearing gold to attract good luck and fortune.

  • People who frequently suffer from cold and cough problems should wear gold on their little fingers.
  • Persons seeking name, fame, and good fortune, should wear gold rings on their middle fingers.
  • If you have low concentration levels, astrologers suggest wearing a gold ring on your index finger; it is believed to increase your focus.
  • If you are facing rough patches in marriage or a problem in your marital life, it is recommended to wear a gold chain or pendant. It will do wonders for you.
  • If any couple faces issues in conceiving, astrologers suggest they wear gold on their ring fingers.

Who should not wear gold

The following persons should not wear gold as gold can bring aversive results.

  • If you have stomach problems or obesity, you must avoid wearing gold. Also, people who can’t control their anger should avoid wearing gold. Astrologers also suggest not wearing gold if Jupiter is exalted in your horoscope.
  • If you are related to any iron and coal business, you should avoid gold. It is also advised that pregnant and older women should avoid wearing it.
  • According to Vedic astrologers, you should not wear gold anklets. Also, wearing gold on your waist is believed to be adverse. You can prefer any gold jewellery on a red thread for children.
  • According to popular astrological beliefs, you should never eat non-vegetarian food or consume alcohol if you wear gold. Doing this can bring bad luck.
  • You should never wear iron or mix metal with any piece of gold jewellery. Also, try not to keep gold near your head. It can result in a sleep disorder.

Gold is very auspicious for everyone, according to astrologers. However, while wearing any piece of gold jewellery, you must prefer astrological suggestions to attract good luck and fortune. Find expert online astrology consultation to know more about the benefits of wearing gold.

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