What is a coronoid fracture? And how can you prevent it

When you think of a fracture, you probably think of bones sticking out of something else. But what about those pesky fractures that happen in the middle of bones? These are known as coronoid fractures, and they can be pretty serious. In this blog post, we will explore what a coronoid fracture is and how you can prevent it. We’ll also provide some tips on how to treat them if they do occur.

What is It?

It is a type of fracture that affects the bone on the underside of your jaw, or coronoid bone. This bone is located beneath your lower lip and can easily be fractured if you’re hit in the face with a hard object. A fractured coronoid bone can cause significant pain and difficulty eating and speaking. If left untreated, a coronoid fracture may require surgery to fix it.

The anatomy of the jawbone

The coronoid process is a small bone located on the back of your jaw just below your ear. It helps to support and stabilise the surrounding tissues.

If you suffer a fracture to the coronoid process, it can cause severe pain, difficulty eating, and swelling. The best way to prevent this type of fracture is by using proper dental care, as well as wearing appropriate safety gear when participating in sports or performing any other physical activity.

How can you prevent a coronoid fracture?

It is a break in the bone that surrounds your jaw. The most common type of It occurs when you hit your face on something hard, like a counter or floor. It can also happen when you fall and hit your face. If the fracture doesn’t get fixed, it can lead to swollen nerves and even death.

To prevent It be careful when you’re eating or drinking. Don’t bite down too hard on hard things, and avoid hitting your face with your elbow or head. If you do break a bone, don’t wait to get treated. Go to the hospital right away and have the fracture fixed.


It is a type of fracture that occurs when the upper end of the bone (the skull) breaks. The most common scenario in which this happens is during sports or recreation, when someone falls on their head and fractures their crownial bone. If you’re one of the unfortunate people who sustain a coronoid fracture, it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. By following some simple steps such as wearing a helmet when playing sports and making sure to keep your head still during falls, you can help avoid these injuries in the first place.

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