What are meftal spas? And How Does It Compare To Other Spa Services?

A meftal spa is an interesting type that has recently become prominent in the wellness world. Unlike traditional spas, which focus on treating different body parts separately, meftals offer a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. What is a meftal? A meftal combines massage, energy work, and sound therapy. It’s intended to help you achieve better overall health and balance, both physically and emotionally. So how does it compare to other spa services? The main difference between meftals and other traditional spa services is that meftals are meant to be used in combination. This means you can combine different meftals to target specific areas of your body. You can also use them as part of a holistic approach to wellness. If you’re interested in trying a meftal spa, read our full review of the best available online today.

What are meftal spas?

A meftal spa is a treatment that uses heated mineral water to relax the skin. This type of spa is becoming more popular because it is less expensive than traditional spa treatments, and it can be used by anyone, regardless of skin type or condition.

How does a Meftal Spa compare to other spa services?

A meftal spa is a massage that uses heat and pressure to relax the body. It is similar to other types of massages, but the meftal spa uses specific techniques that are designed to help relieve stress and tension. This type of massage is often used to treat issues such as back pain, migraines, and anxiety.

A meftal spa is a type of massage that uses pressure and vibration to help relieve tension and pain in the body. It can be used as a standalone service or combined with other spa treatments, such as facials or massages.

There are several benefits to having a meftal spa treatment:

  1. It can help reduce tension and pain in the muscles and joints.
  2. It can improve circulation and promote relaxation.
  3. Meftal spas are often associated with increased overall well-being, including improved mood and energy levels.

The cost of a meftal spas

The Meftal Spa is a unique spa treatment that combines massage, hydrotherapy, and Shiatsu. Unlike other spa treatments, the Meftal Spa uses heat and cold to treat different body parts. The cost of a Meftal Spa can vary depending on the location, but most spas offer discounts for memberships or special deals.

Dr. Ivo Andric created the Meftal Spa in Croatia in 2002. It is based on ancient Persian techniques that were adapted to European medicine. The Meftal Spa aims to improve overall health and well-being by targeting specific areas of concern, such as muscle tension, pain relief, and relaxation.

Unlike traditional massage, where therapists work on all body parts simultaneously, the Meftal Spa focuses on specific areas such as the neck, shoulders, back, and feet. This allows for greater precision and better results.

The hydrotherapy portion of the Meftal Spa includes showers and baths with cold or warm water jets that help to improve circulation and relieve pain or tension in specific areas of the body. The Shiatsu portion of the treatment uses finger pressure and finger strokes to target areas like the neck, shoulders, and lower back.

The Meftal Spa offers a unique experience that can relieve common symptoms such as pain, stress, and tension headaches. It is also a great option for people looking for an alternative to traditional.


A meftal spa is a type of massage that uses meftal stones. These stones are heated and then used to massage the body. They work on different body areas, including the neck, head, back, and feet. Meftal spas offer other services like facials and hair removal as well. They also tend to be more expensive than other spa services. So if you’re looking for a luxurious spa experience, a meftal spa may be the right fit.

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