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The Sundeep Kaur Severe Face Controversy: All You Need To Know

In the business world, it’s not unusual for a successful individual to be quickly followed by another. This is simply because it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to succeed in any field. And when you have rivals who want to learn from your successes, that can lead to some…shall we say…controversial decisions. Enter Sundeep Kaur, the makeup artist who recently made headlines due to her severe contouring techniques. While many people found them beautiful, others were horrified by how she darkened people’s faces. Now that the story has spread far and wide, we wanted to look at all you need to know about this Sundeep Kaur controversy. From what caused the uproar to how you can avoid making the same mistake, read on for all the details.

The Sundeep Kaur Controversy

Sundeep Kaur is an Indian actress who has become well-known for her roles in Bollywood films. However, recently there has been a severe controversy surrounding her due to her appearance. Sundeep Kaur has a very severe face that some people find disturbing and think should not be used in public. There have been many complaints about how she looks and many people believe that she should use other methods to promote herself, such as using make-up or clothing that hides her face. Some have even called for her to be banned from the film industry because of her appearance.

What Happened?

Sundeep Kaur, a self-employed yoga teacher from Punjab, India, has provoked global outcry after uploading a series of Snapchat videos in which she makes racist, sexist and religiously insensitive comments about her Indian students.

In the first video, Sundeep makes fun of an Indian woman for speaking with a heavy accent. “You speak like a dumb***…I bet your husband beats you,” she says. In another video, Sundeep refers to Hindu gods as “bitches” and “slobs.”

The videos have since been deleted but were captured and republished by various media outlets worldwide. The backlash has been intense and swift; many online have called for Sundeep’s immediate dismissal from her teaching position and have even organized protests outside her studio.

Sundeep has since apologized on Facebook, writing that the videos do not reflect who she is. She says that she is ashamed of herself and will seek counselling to address the impact of her comments on her students.

This controversy has raised important questions about race and representation in the yoga world. How does Sundeep’s offensive behavior reflect upon the broader yoga community? And how do we ensure that all yogis feel welcome in our spaces?

The sundeep kaur severe face Controversy

Since her resurfacing on social media, Sundeep Kaur has been at the center of a severe face controversy. So, what is this face controversy all about? The controversy revolves around Sundeep Kaur’s use of a blackface makeup in an Instagram post back in May. Many people have condemned her for using blackface and displaying racist tendencies. Others, however, have defended her right to express herself through art. Is Sundeep Kaur guilty of racism or does she deserve our understanding? Here is everything you need to know about severe face controversy surrounding Sundeep Kaur…

The origin of the sundeep kaur severe face dates back to May 2018 when the Instagram user posted a picture of herself wearing blackface makeup. Many people found this image offensive and denounced it as racist. Some even went to call for her account to be deleted. However, others came to her defense and argued that she is simply expressing herself through art. Is blackface racist or is it just another form of artistic expression?

There is no clear answer regarding the severity of racism displayed in the picture Sundeep Kaur took. However, one clear thing is that many people find her use of blackface offensive and racist. This demonstrates the existence of racism within society and its damaging effects on both individual and collective psyche. We must continue to fight against all forms of discrimination so that everyone can

Sundeep Kaur’s Background

Sundeep Kaur was born on May 21, 1984 in Canada. She is a Canadian-born Sikh artist who has gained popularity for her work with traditional arts such as calligraphy and painting. Sundeep Kaur first came into the public eye in 2015 after she posted a series of videos on Instagram, demonstrating her skills as a painter. The videos quickly went viral and Sundeep Kaur was soon hailed as one of Canada’s most promising young artists.

However, Sundeep Kaur’s rise to fame has not been without its controversy. In March 2018, shortly after her videos started going viral, it was revealed that some of Sundeep Kaur’s paintings featured images of Sikh martyrs which some viewers found offensive. With calls for her artwork to be removed from galleries and social media platforms mounting, Sundeep Kaur faced an intense backlash from members of the Sikh community.

In response to the criticism, Sundeep Kaur released a video statement in which she apologizes for any offence her artwork may have caused and insists that she never intended to offend anyone. Since then, Sundeep Kaur has made several more videos clarifying her position on Sikh martyrdom and explaining why she chose to use these particular images for her paintings.

Despite the controversy surrounding her art, Sundeep Kaur remains firmly committed to traditional arts

The Response to The Severe Face Controversy

  1. What is the severe face controversy?

The severe face controversy refers to a social media campaign, started by Indian-Canadian blogger Sundeep Kaur, against using extreme facial expressions in fashion and advertising. The campaign has drawn criticism for its perceived judgmental and intolerant tone.

  1. Why was Sundeep Kaur criticized?

Some critics argue that the blogger’s campaign is based on superficiality and stereotypes and constitutes cultural appropriation. They also accuse her of promoting an un-sensationalized view of beauty and contributing to body shaming.


The Sundeep Kaur controversy has sparked heated discussion online and many are left wondering what happened. In a nutshell, Severe Face is an Instagram account with over 1 million followers that posts photos of models with exaggerated makeup looks. Severe Face’s owner, Sundeep Kaur, recently defended her account after a model who worked for her publicly revealed that she was paid to have a harsh look on her face in one of the photos. While some defend Kaur’s right to post whatever she wants, others feel that the severe make-up styles her page promote are dangerous and encourage impressionable young girls to imitate them without properly considering the long-term consequences. This complex issue will continue generating debate until someone comes up with a satisfactory resolution.

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