Breaking Down the Numbers: How much does a surgeon make Really?

Have you ever wondered how much a surgeon really makes? We often hear about the high salaries of doctors, but what about the specific specialty of surgery? In this blog post, we’re going to break down the numbers and take a closer look at just how much surgeons earn. From examining factors that impact their income to comparing salaries across different regions and specialties, get ready for an in-depth dive into one of the most important jobs in healthcare!

How much does a surgeon make in the United States?

The average surgeon in the United States makes $211,750 per year, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, this number can vary greatly depending on experience, location, and specialty.

Surgeons who have just completed their residency (the post-graduate training required to become a licensed physician) can expect to make around $60,000 per year. Those with several years of experience can earn well over $100,000 per year. And surgeons who are employed by hospitals or other large medical organizations may make even more.

Of course, how much money a surgeon makes also depends on his or her specialty. Surgeons who specialize in fields like neurosurgery or cardiac surgery tend to earn more than those who focus on less complex procedures like cosmetic surgery. And surgeons who work in high-paying locations like New York City or San Francisco will obviously make more than those in smaller cities or rural areas.

How much does a surgeon make in other countries?

There are number of factors that affect how much a surgeon make in other countries. The type of surgery, the country’s economy, and the surgeon’s experience all play a role in salary determination. In general, surgeons in developed countries make more than those in developing nations.

For example, surgeons in the United States make an average salary of $251,000 per year, while those in Canada earn an average of $219,000 annually. In contrast, surgeons in Mexico make an average salary of $54,000 per year while those in Brazil earn an average of $41,000 annually. China falls somewhere in the middle with surgeons there earning an average salary of $106,000 per year.

While these are just averages and salaries can vary greatly depending on factors mentioned above as well as others, it is clear that surgeons in developed countries tend to make more money than those working in developing nations. This is likely due to number of factors including the overall cost of living and healthcare being higher in developed countries as well as a higher demand for surgical procedures.

What are the factors that affect a surgeon’s salary?

Surgeon salaries vary based on a number of factors, including location, experience, and specialty.

Geographic location is perhaps the most significant factor affecting surgeon salaries. Surgeons in metropolitan areas tend to earn more than those in rural areas. This is due in part to the higher cost of living in cities, as well as the greater demand for surgical services.

Experience is another important factor influencing surgeon salaries. Generally, surgeons who have been in practice for longer periods of time earn more than newer physicians. This is due to the increased skill and expertise that comes with experience.

Specialty is also a key determinant of surgeon salaries. Surgeons who specialize in high-demand fields such as neurosurgery or cardiac surgery tend to earn more than those who practice in less competitive specialties. This is because they are able to command higher fees for their services.

How can I become a surgeon?

There are many ways to become a surgeon. The most common way is to attend an accredited medical school and complete residency program in surgery. Alternatively, some surgeons complete a pre-medical undergraduate degree followed by a medical degree from an international medical school. There are also accelerated programs that allow students to complete their medical degree and residency in as little as six years. Once you have completed your training, you must pass a series of exams to become licensed to practice surgery.


A surgeon’s salary is one that can vary greatly from region to region and depending on the type of practice. The amount a surgeon makes can also be influenced by their experience and specialty areas. Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to how much surgeons are paid, however with the right research you should be able to gain an accurate understanding of what your local hospital or clinic pays its surgical staff members. Whether you’re curious about becoming a doctor yourself or just want to learn more about the field, this article has hopefully provided valuable insight into how much money surgeons make in today’s healthcare market.

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