Losing Weight While Chewing A Gum: Fact Or Fake

People know that when it comes to losing weight, more isn’t necessarily better as too much of everything is always bad. In reality, eating too many calories and sugary foods can often contribute to weight gain in the long run. But there’s this one method that people are trying, many individuals use chewing gum to help them lose facial fat. Chewing gum, after all, is intended to boost the number of calories you burn owing to the activity of your jaw muscles, just like shouting at music festivals like But the only question is that Is this truly effective or just a myth. Are the benefits significant enough that everyone should try it? This article will tackle all these questions and will clarify if it is helpful or not.

Facial Fat

As time goes by, the body develops and as everyone gains or loses weight, this won’t only affect their body but also their faces. This puts a significant glow or insecurity on people’s faces and some of them do techniques just to lose this fat. Some try to avoid high-calorie meals and late-night snacks because this is surely one of the reasons for weight gain. Some also engage in regular physical activity to burn calories which also correlates to cutting back on their calorie consumption. And for this article, some people chew gum regularly. Chewing gum has been found in studies to help lower the number of calories consumed. Chewing gum contains sugar, which quickly converts to glucose in your blood, increasing your energy levels and promoting weight reduction. With this research, there is a possibility that people lose facial fat but are there side effects with this method?

How to Get Rid of Face Fat While Chewing A Gum

As listed above, there are methods on how to lose fat on your face and if these make you curious if they’re effective or not, then this section will enlighten you and what to do. The fact is that there isn’t enough evidence to make a conclusive declaration about the usefulness of chewing gum in terms of decreasing facial fat. However, some studies have suggested that chewing gum might assist to lessen sensations of hunger and cravings, which may contribute to weight reduction. Chewing gum can also raise blood sugar and serotonin levels, both of which are linked to weight reduction. So, if you want to attempt chewing gum to lose face fat, keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all solution; what works for one person may not work for another. With all these facts present then the article will now go through the effective techniques while chewing a piece of gum to lose face fat. Chewing gum has long been proven to relieve stress and boost overall dental health. Many individuals, however, are unaware that chewing gum can also help you lose weight. This can lessen your overall calorie intake by keeping you from consuming other items, as you do the activity, it burns calories all day long and can also offer short-term enjoyment, which can lead to long-term weight loss behaviors

Methods On How To Lose Weight With Chewing Gum

People always say that chewing gum is not a novel weight-loss strategy, but recent research indicates that it may be more helpful than many people believe. Chewing gum has been shown to help you lose up to 7 pounds in the first month by boosting your calorie burn. To begin using chewing gum for weight reduction, figure out how much you need to chew to get the appropriate degree of intensity. For example, if you want to cut your calorie consumption by 500 a day, you should chew 5 pieces of gum every day. Once you’ve established how much gum you need to chew each day, find a fun way to start chewing it right immediately. Some individuals like to put a piece of gum in their mouth and bite down on it, while others prefer to break the gum into smaller pieces and swallow it whole. Once you start chewing your gum, pay attention to how your body responds. If you experience any side effects, such as increased energy or hunger pangs, reduce the number of pieces of chewing gum that you are consuming each day until those side effects subside. Additionally, make sure that you drink plenty of water while using chewing gum for weight loss, as this will help keep your stomach hydrated and minimize any potential bloating or stomach discomfort.

Side Effects of Chewing Gums

With benefits, there will always be disadvantages and side effects present and you should also be aware of this to balance your thoughts about this regimen. As what was said above, there are significant results that it does help minimize people’s facial fat but what are other effects that it might cost? Some can be doing this early on or you might want to do this method so then you should also know this part. There are three reasons why you should think carefully about chewing gum:

  • It can potentially give you tooth decay because of its ingredients that can be bad for your teeth. There are chewing gums that take the form of hard candies and other forms of sweets, which can certainly cause long-term tooth damage. A similar thing happens when you chew gum because your teeth are subjected to strong pressure and frequent friction, which can lead to cavities. Stick to softer meals that won’t harm your enamel if you want to avoid dental decay.
  • This can also be a cause of oral cancer which is according to research published in the Journal of Dentistry, those who chewed gum were nearly three times more likely to acquire mouth cancer than those who did not chew gum. This is concerning knowing that cancer is pretty much a sickness that is hard to remove from the system. Tobacco raises your risk of oral cancer, and some of them even chew gum, so it seems to be the reason that chewing gum would be much more dangerous. If you are concerned about your dental health, speak with your dentist about how to effectively protect yourself from this condition. This is why it can also cause bad breath which can add to your insecurities which should be negated early. Some people even use this as their oral freshener because some have mint and menthol flavor which is also a sign of poor oral hygiene. This causes bacteria that can be found in your mouth if you’re eating chewing gum for a long period.


This article proves that there are still methods out there that should be done correctly and this is one of them. Chewing gum has been demonstrated to aid in the reduction of facial fat but can also cause side effects, may it be positive or negative. This is why you should always research multiple ways or you can even visit a doctor for this especially if you have conditions that can affect your health directly. This can help you be enlightened with different techniques and you can also see the side effects that it can do to you. Hoping this article helped you!

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