Geniux Limitless Pills Review – Don’t Try Critical Side Effects

Geniux – An Efficaciously Brain Booster

As per the available information, a human body starts to experience a steady loss of brain power from early 20 years of age. On average the loss of sharpness and brainpower begins at the age of 25 years.  Ultimately, between the ages of 25 years and 70, an average person lost approximately 60% his mental focus. The outcomes of these losses include memory loss, less energy, difficulty in concentration, amnesia (forgetfulness), low mental performance, lack of motivation, stress, and depression. Also, brain shrink and less alertness and clarity. It has proved that through mental enhancement games. Also, tasks we improved our mental sharpness, clarity, and concentration. but, the games and tasks are not only trick and tools for sharpening the mind.  The latest technology and medicine improvements said the problem is hopeless and supplements can do as well.  Geniux supplements a special and reliable brain diet definitely in which you should invest.


The nervous system is a body’s decision and communication center. The brain is the main organ and the command center for the human central nervous system. The brain placed in the head preserved by the skull. It received the information and data from the sensory organs and sends yield information to the body muscles. The Brain responsible for instructing and telling the body how to feel and behave.  If brain behaves erratically and begins to deteriorate it can actually have a negative influence and impact on other aspects of the body.

What is Geniux

Geniux is a brain supplement that is medically proven psycho-stimulant and the sellers claim is the ultimate smart pills that provide you energy, enhanced memory, improved cognition, focus and mental clarity. The brain booster pills that formulated by using 100% natural and pure products. Geniux is an advanced brain formula that improves energy level (cognitive and physical energy), increased short term and long term memory, increased concentration, brain performance, clearer mental vision. It is a natural brain supplement and natural collection of nutrients that are a primary need and needs to unlock the brain and unleash more of its full potentials. Geniux is the most suitable for students, useful for professionals, athletes, virtual assistant officers, entrepreneurs and especially those people who required much attention in their work. According to Geniux website this special brain diet is a blend of following benefits:

  • Enhanced Brain Performance
  • Short and Long-term Memory Boost
  • Improved Brain Health
  • Enhanced Brain Reaction Time
  • Memory Enhancement
  • Improved well-being and health
  • Sharpen Focus and Enhance Motivation
  • Boost Energy
  • Better Mental Clarity
  • Improved critical Thinking
  • Enhanced Cognitive Functions

They also claim that Genius is fast acting and best nootropic supplement and consist of all natural ingredients that have many capabilities.


Ingredients of Geniux

With its powerful and effective blend of ingredients, Geniux has become most popular and useful brain booster supplement that is consists of safe and reliable brain booster ingredients. Here are the following ingredients in Geniux:

  1. Tyrosine
  2. GABA
  3. Bacopa Monnieri
  4. Alpha GPC
  5. Vinpocetine
  6. Huperzine A


Tyrosine is an amino acid that used by cells to synthesize the proteins. it is an essential part for the production of important brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters help the nervous cells to communicate and influence the mood. Tyrosine useful for improves the mental concentration. Also, enhanced the production of acetylcholine that is necessary for better cognition.  Tyrosine is also involved in the production of the stress neurotransmitters epinephrine and norepinephrine. Some researchers suggest that taking tyrosine help to alert after sleep deprivation. Also, may play a role in the treatment of thyroid cancer. Some athletes claim that tyrosine helps them to increase their performance but, there is no proof this claim is true or safe. Some people take tyrosine for improving alertness, depression, stress, sleep deprivation, and Alzheimer’s disease.


GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) is neurotransmitters chemical that is brain use to communicate. It is necessary for relaxed and happy feelings if you stressed out you might be deficient in GABA.  Due to low GABA many mental and physical diseases occurs including anxiety disorder, panic attacks, irritable bowel syndrome, and fibromyalgia. According to Dr. Datis Kharrazian, author of “ Why isn’t My Brain Working?” there are many causes of GABA deficiency- Stress, Low Blood sugar, Caffeine and nicotine and gluten intolerance.  GABA itself a useful supplements to stop anxiety. It is maintaining the focus, extreme excitement, and alertness.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnier also known as water hyssop and is a nootropic herb that used in traditional medicine for cognitive enhancement. It can reduce the anxiety and improve memory formation. This herb often used in Ayurveda. Its main mechanism concerns promoting neuron communication. it also interacts with dopamine and serotonergic systems.  It is reliable for improving memory formation and improves cognition. Bacopa Monnier used for the treatment of mind related diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, attention deficit, epilepsy, anxiety, and hyperactivity disorder and as a general tonic to fight stress. It has less severe side effect than the dangerous psychotropic drugs mostly prescribed today.

Alpha GPC:

Alpha-glyceryl phosphoryl choline is a natural choline compound in the brain and it used as a precursor for both acetylcholine synthesis and phospholipid synthesis in the brain. it increased a chemical in the brain that called acetylcholine it is important for memory and learning functions. Alpha GPC is a natural form of choline that found in human cells and important for making and maintaining brain cells that involved memory and learning functions. Geniux uses the Alpha GPC as an ingredient for boosting memory function, improve mental awareness and enhance healthy cognitive functions.


Vinpocetine is an extract from the seeds of a lesser periwinkle plant that used as cognitive protective and anti-aging agent. It also used in the treatment of cerebrovascular and cognitive disorders.  Vinpocetine enhances the glucose in the brain cells, increasing the ATP levels and increase energy availability that is necessary for work efficiently.  many studies have shown the vinpocetine is a powerful memory enhancer and it improving blood flow in the brain. it enhances cognitive functions including involving long term and short term memory and it also is valuable in protecting the heart, visual, and hearing functions among other benefits. It acts as a neuroprotector and prevents oxygen lack for brain damage, muscles, liver and elsewhere.

Huperzine A:

Huperzine A is an extracted compound from a herb belongs the huperzine family. It is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor that stops an enzyme from breaking down acetylcholine that known as learning neurotransmitter and involved in muscles contractions as well. Some studies suggest that huperzine A improves memory and protect nerve cells and also improving the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. Huperzine A significantly improves cognitive performance in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Geniux pills used these ingredients to improve memory retention ability and enhancing learning and alertness capabilities for both old and young people.

After complete overview the ingredients, it proves that Geniux pills manufactured with totally natural nutrients that are useful for brain power.


Geniux Reviews:

I have only been taking the pills for 2 days and I feel motivated and optimistic and energized, yet relaxed and I have more control over my emotions. Which is amazing since I m bipolar and I have borderline personality disorder and adult ADD. If they continue to have the same effect on me like they have been then that’d be amazing. Yes , I would recommend this. (Anya M,Bountiful, UT. )

After ordering, I read the bad reviews so next morning argued for 20 min with Indian lady as she tried to resell me. I finally got her to talk to her manager and I got refunded. They send me my 7 bottle shipment also. I tried it the first day; I felt rest on the second day and today am still good. Good focus and energy. I think it is a workable product. Thank you for the freebies Geniux. (Brandy Zimmer, Houston, TX.)

The Geniux marketing is terrible. The way they presented it leads you to conclude that this is a clear and big scam. I tried to return the product twice after a couple of days, and after a week, but I could not make it. They offered me an extra discount. Several phone calls, on and on and on, I said well I am stocked with the freaking product let’s give it a chance again. After one month or so I started noticing a big difference in my memory and in my mental clarity, I said, well, after all, it is working not that convinced yet. I kept taking it, twice a day, with good results. I must say. I am not easily impressed. A week ago I stopped taking it to see if I notice some difference, I did a negative big on. I am not related to this product in any way, the shape of form, but I have to tell my experience. The only reason why I gave it 4 stars because I am a little afraid of my secondary effects in the long run, but for now I decided to keep taking it. (Rohenes, Hollywood,FL).

How to Get Geniux ?

After studying the product benefits and carefully read the reviews and opinion from those who used Geniux I decided to try this advanced brain boosting formula. The Geniux pills are available on the company website for an affordable price with 30 days money back guarantee. A bottle full with 30 capsules and you can order 1 bottle in $ 47, 3 bottles in $87 with discount and 5 bottles in $95 with discounted price. The packaging supply included 1month supply, 3 months or 5 months supply with 100% satisfaction and 30 days money back guarantee. I am happy to have a brain supplement that actually worked and provide sharp mind power and have no side effect due to its natural ingredients.


According to my research and observations after study. The ingredients and use the pills I found it an effective supplement. That is provided you the steady improvement of brain’s performance, memory enhanced, focus and motivation. I did not found or feel any side effects during using the Geniux pills.

I recommended Geniux for better mental treatment.